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Hello, newgrounds! I have seen the site before but it's my first dip here (thanks to Draw with Jazza), I'm looking to submit my works on my road of improving so, have a look and thanks for your time!

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The sacred writings


“At the beginning, there was nothing, just an unending void.

Long ago, before the time of the dragons, there were no lights in the skies.

But the void became self-aware and took notice of her loneliness.

Then the void, filled with the first emotions, cried one single teardrop.

The void's tear was the first light.

From that single light our sun was born, shining, magnificent.

Not alone anymore, the void cried another tear, this time of happiness.

And another star was born, stronger than the first.

Our sun created the planet we live in. 

Her sister multiplied into the stars that we see in the skies.

The planet soon had enough energy to produce offspring off itself and life was born.

The white dragons, the unicorns, pegasus and all creatures and plants of light were born.

But the planet’s energy was exhausted and it slumbered.


The animals had their own offspring, and life started to multiply.

But there was no night to rest, so the animals were always exhausted.

The sun began to cry, like her mother

So the void surrendered part of her mantle and created the night.

Soon, creatures of the darkness and night began to appear too.

But the life was endless and soon the weakness invaded the older ones.

The sun cried again, worrying the void

So the void cut another fragment of her mantle

And, as such, the eternal rest of death was born.


Soon, the stars started to play, with balls that made themselves,

some made of rock, some of gas, some like our planet.

One of them was lost and nearly stroke us,

but the Sun stopped it and turned it into the moon we see in the skies.

Then the Sun scolded the star childs but their mother intervened,

convinced the sun to join forces to create enlightenment.

So the mortal beings became intelligent,

and felt like the mother void.


But with feelings came wrath and despair,

some animals became evil and the stars became worried

The Mother Void eased them, showing them the balance.

And all the creation rested.

Until a rip on the void’s mantle appeared,

and all the creation became restless for some days.

Then the balance and the calm returned

And the creation became peaceful again.”

A little writing I'm working one. What do you think?

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